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A large west coast company doing payroll in-house
"We had been ordering our checks & envelopes from the supplier recommended by our software company for 6 or 7 years. We had intermittent problems on our machine inserters and during our busy season the problem grew worse. One of our newly hired team members told us about a similar situation at his previous employer and how the inserter manufacturer had recommended PMP. We called PMP and they had test samples to us two days later and they ran without any of the problems we were experiencing with the other supplier. We switched the check and envelope business to PMP. That was four years ago and we haven't had a problem since. And, by the way, when we switched the business our cost dropped over 30%."

A mid-sized payroll company with three offices in the southeast
"We have pressure seal equipment in each of our 3 offices and because the two remote offices are smaller companies we acquired, we have different brands of equipment in all three locations. We asked our software company for advice and they sent us to their supplier. That supplier had sent us three different samples of product to test and none of it would run successfully on all three machines. We met a PMP representative at a trade show and he had run into a similar situation and had the solution. Two of the machines needed a standard glue pattern to run smoothly on our equipment but the third needed a special glue pattern. PMP supplied test samples and the problem was solved. Best of all, both products are stock items for PMP so they gave us the same pricing for all three offices."

A staffing company in Pennsylvania
"When we first signed up with our software company, they told us they would take care of everything including the payroll consumables (checks, envelopes, W-2's, etc.) and we thought that would be best. However, once we started getting invoiced for these items, we noticed that these items cost a lot more than other vendor's similar products and we went looking for an alternate source. We talked to a number of printers and they all said that in our order quantities, it would be mighty expensive and two of the vendors asked if we had talked to PMP. We said, who is PMP? Well we contacted them and it turned out that they stocked the exact products we needed for a group of other users of our software. Ever since signing up with PMP, we have been saving over 50% compared to what our software company had been charging us - yes, over 50%.

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