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Ultimate and UltiPro®

At Print Management Partners, we really are the specialist for checks, envelopes and pressure seal products for Ultimate Software.

Now you have a source, other than your software provider's supply program, that can provide these mission critical items. More importantly, because PMP specializes in checks and envelopes for payroll services, staffing companies and large companies running payroll in-house, our huge volume means much lower pricing than your software company's program. Choosing PMP to supply these items means a supply program customized to meet your unique needs; not a "one size fits all" type of program.

We will gladly provide you with free test samples of any of our products.

You will find PMP customer service staff to be friendly, intelligent and a pleasure to do business with.

Want help NOW? Contact Kathy at 847-553-9372 or email kathy.wiley@ourpartners.com

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Ultipro® is a registered trademark of The Ultimate Software Group, Inc. and is not affiliated with Print Management Partners and does not endorse nor sponsor the products or services provided by Print Management Partners.